Hello everyone in the NMRA from Erie and Niagara Counties. So what is this is a place? It is a place for you to find copies of our newsletters, directions to events and event notices, as well as other things that we might want to share. This website is the home of the Western New York Division of the National Model Railroad Association. Our goal is to promote the Model Railroad Hobby in Western New York.

Latest News

May 2021 WNY Division Meeting and Promised Information

Here is the link to our September 2021 WNY Division Meeting.
Link to Meeting

Western New York Layout Tours

Frank Pastore, our Assistant Superintendent, has scheduled his Non-NMRA Western New York Layout Tours for Oct 23th and 24th. All are welcome. Frank's layout lists are now available. Please check out his website www.WNYLayoutTours.com for all the great layouts. Have Fun!

Build along-with Clark

Clark Kooning has invited our Division to “Build along - with Clark” This is a fun project to build. We are going to build the “First Timers Bar” from Downtown Deco starting at our September meeting, we will continue building at our October meeting and finish during our November meeting. BTW, those meetings will be Hybrid meetings. Both Live and on Zoom. (If all goes well) The kit comes in O, HO, and N See the pricing below.

When ordering make sure you send Randy an Email downtowndeco@montana.com so he can send you extra walls and decals. Get your order in at https://www.downtowndeco.com

as soon as you can so you are ready for our September Meeting. Our hope is that you have fun with this project and that our Hybrid meetings Work.

Keep your fingers crossed. 

The Bill of Materials you will need is to the left:

Yellow Carpenter’s Glue
Elmer’s White Glue
5-minute Epoxy (optional)
Sandpaper – 80 and 120 grit
Hobby Knife – Xacto #11 blade
Emery boards or sanding sticks
1/8 Drill bit — Pin vise for a bit
000 Steel wool
Assorted flat paintbrushes need 1- 1 inch wide
Cheap acrylic craft paint. List suggestion only:
Apple Barrel, Craftsman, and Cermacote are similar brands & have similar colors. Choose whatever is available to you:
Folk Art Terra Cotta or a similar orange color
Brown, Raw Umber, Burnt Umber, Raw Sienna
Flat black, Flat White, Flat Red
Light grey or similar for concrete color (Woodland Scenics concrete works well too)
Spray Can Paint:  Krylon Matt Clear